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UnZip (AD Free) is the best tool for packing and unpacking your files.

UnZip (AD Free) is UWP App. It is perfect to compress and unpack files. This archiver supports all popular formats! App does not contains any ads!

Features of UnZip (AD Free):

- High degree compression;

- High-speed archiving;

- High speed unzipping;

- Archiving and unarchiving Zip files (Zip & UnZip);

- Unpacking RAR files (UnRAR);

- Support of multivolume archives;

- Creating and unpacking archives with a password.

- Support for formats that can decompress: "*.zip", "*.7z", "*.bz2", "*.bzip2", "*.gz", "*.gzip", "*.tgz", "*.tar", "*.rar", "*.xz", "*.cab", "*.iso", "*.lzma", "*.cpio", "*.ar", "*.lzip", "*.lzop", "

- Support for formats that can compress: "*.zip", "*.gz", "*.bz2", "*.7z", "*.xz", "*.iso", "*.lzma", "*.cpio", "*.ar", "*.lzip", "*.lzop", "*.lz4"

- Pack files and folders.

- Configure parameters of compression when creating archives.

- View processes of packing / unpacking files.

- Unpack the archive as a whole, and selected files from the archive.

Instructions for using UnZip (AD Free):

On the home page, you need to select the operation Unzip or Zip.

In case of Unzip the file picker will be opened. There you need to select the archive to unpacking. Then you need to choose a place to decompress and click on Unzip.

In case of Zip the page Zipping will be opened. There you need to select files or folder to zip. Then You need to choose a place for the archive, enter a name, choose a format and click on Zip.

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UnZip for PC

  • Paid
  • In English
  • V
  • 3.6
  • (10)

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